Friday, July 25, 2008

Another HOT Summer Day

Wow- It is sooo hot!! The kids are sure making use of our swimming pool! I don't know which they like best - the diving board or the slide. I've gotten some awesome pictures which will make great scrapbooking pages.

Jeff & I started our "diet"on Monday - it is great having someone to keep me "on track" ... Dawn Mabry has been an inspiration to me - just in reading her blogs and seeing her "before and after"pictures -- THANK YOU DAWN!

Kyla & I have been busy getting ready for our big "Midnight Madness & Back to School"sale on Friday, August 1st from 9p until midnight at my resale/consignment family clothing store "Simply Threads" It has been an answered prayer for me to be able to open this store. Jeff has been so great and understanding when I get home past 7, building racks, having dinner on the table, helping the kids with the housework and taking over my job as the lawn mower... I honestly couldn't do it without him. We have been married for 22 year & I love him more everyday!

The kids got back from War Eagle Camp a few weeks ago & as usual had a blast...They were gone for 2 weeks ... They leave again for Green Valley Bible Camp on Sunday and will be gone for a week. It is a camp that my brother & I use to go to when we were in school and a camp that Kyla went to for 3 years. The girls went last year for the first time and had so much fun - this year the boys will be going as well. Chance will stay here as he has to work and we will have Kapriel with us but it will be a change from having only 2 kids in the house each night INSTEAD of the 7 we usually do!

My mom had her last chemo. treatment on Wednesday & she had a "pet scan"done today - we will get the results from it next Tuesday. Please keep her and daddy in your prayers.

I had an Pampered Chef party last night and the consultant - Carla Laing was once again awesome... I usually have a show once a year but decided to do one in the summer instead of the fall.

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