Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back Pain At It's Worst

Okay, All my life I have never thought twice about moving a piece of furniture, scooting something over, lifting something but here I am at the wonderful óle age of 40 something and have a "bulging disc"in my lower back that has knocked me for a loop. I noticed some pain back in July & told myself it would get better. I went to the chiro. several times and it did improve but school started and who has time to go 3 times a week -- NOT ME--- so once again I decided to endure the pain. Well, Tuesday morning when I got up the pain was so severe that as I hobbled into the bathroom I felt a "shift"lost feeling in my left leg and fell. I knew then I was in serious trouble. I called my doctors office and got in at 11. When they took me back for x-rays and the tech. told me to lay down on the "bed"I was thinking this man was crazier than I am... there was NO way I could lay down because not only is it next to impossible the getting up is a miracle. He assured me I could do it ... My doctor told me I have a bulging disc - gave me a shot in the back, sent me home with a muscle relaxer and hydcodine. Needless to say I slept thru most of the next 48 hours.... I feel some better today but certain moves or turns reminds me all is not well. Those of you that know me know that I am not a very patience person -- whooo this is a lesson in learning for me. Please pray that God will send his healing mercies soon...

The kids are doing great in school - It's hard to believe that Chance is a junior. We have kids in the 5,6,7,8,9 & 11 grade. We are told that we need to adopt again to fill up the 10 spot. I never thought I would say it but I don't feel the desire to adopt anymore. God has blessed us with 8 & as I grow older I am ready for some me time and time alone with my precious husband.

Is anyone out there interested in meeting at my house once a month to Scrapbook? or join a scrappin'club... I signed up to be a Creative Memories consultant & would love to have you come to the house to scrap once a month or do a workshop yourself. There is no charge to join the crop - just a time to devote to all those photos that are piling up!!! Call me at 871-9146 if you are interested!

Mom is feeling some better this week... PTL - She goes back to have a pet scan done next month. Please pray for her & that the results come back as a Praise to how wonderful of Lord is.

The diet is still going strong...Jeff has lost around 18 pounds - I hate the food we have to eat but I haven't cheated just choke it down but I've only lost 9. If there ever was a diet for cheeseburgers or pizza - I think I could master that one... haha :)

Until next time... May your day be full of God's blessings

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Kyla said...

i love you and hope your back feels much better:)

good job on the diet- i'm proud of you sticking with it!