Monday, September 29, 2008

Going Down... SLOWLY

At weigh in on Friday - I had lost 11 pounds and 19 inches. I'm excited but of course wish it would go down alot faster! Please keep me your prayers that I can stay strong and committed! My birthday is on Friday [10/4] & the holidays are coming up so I know I have a huge challenge before me.

We have 106 new headband bows in the store - for those of you that aren't sure what they are - they have the headband w/ a huge flower attached! Also, have them with smaller headbands and flowers. I think we beat almost anyone's prices - at $5.00 each. Come and check them out!

This cooler weather is making it hard for me-I want to be able to stay at home and work on our family scrapbooks and do arts & crafts. I've started doing personalized totes and will post some of them here soon! I just finished one order for a 6 year old playmate of my grand-daughter's with her name Sarah in zebra print material & a fusha pink bow. She loved it!

The fam has all been busy- the kids are enjoying the evenings riding on their bikes, playing freze tag & just hanging out. I miss those youthful days... We closed our pool last weekend...the diving board & slide look so lonely hanging out above the tarp. Just 7 more months & we'll be spashing around in it again!

Guess, I better get back to scrapping - I'll try to post some photos soon!

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Tammy Lou said...

I hope you had a great time last night at the ladies craft outing. Liz and I sure did..Hope to get by the shop next day or so...If not will see you Saturday night!!!!