Friday, October 31, 2008


Because we are such a "large family" thru the years we have started being refered to as "The Gang" -- Although we have 8 kids total - these are the 6 that we still have left at home! They are: Chance Brentin 16 - [the youngest of our biological kids]
Riley Grace 14 [adopted 3 years ago]
Rhyver Faith 13 [adopted 3 years ago]
Addison Bailey12 [adopted 7 years ago]
Bren Parker 11 [adopted 7 years ago]
Ridge Jackson 11 [adopted 3 years ago]
This is their "First Day Of School" photo for the 2008-09 school year! I can't believe how fast they are growing up! We also have Tana Lynn 26 & Kyla Nicole 21!!! & of course our grand-daughter Kapriel McKenzie 6 years. YEP... I would adopt more, maybe someday! :) If that is where God leads us!
I'm so excited about the upcoming PMS Workshop! I've started planning the layouts & making the list of supplies! If you haven't responded yet - please do so - that way Iwill be sure to have enough kits for everyone [12 kits - 24 pages total] Won't it be great to have a whole year of holidays already scrapped - all they will need is your photos! So, YES.... EMAIL ME @ or call me at 871-9146 & tell me you are coming!!! I promise you will be glad you did!
We rarely have Trick or Treaters - I always buy a small bag of candy - just in case... That bowl full of all the goodies is such a temptation but I keep telling myself I want to be a size 12 more than I want the candy!!! Knowing my luck tho - I will gain just looking at it... :)
Well, Blogger friends - I'm off to plan more layouts - please leave me a comment so I will know you've been here & leave your blog address as well!
Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hey Girls,
I hope you are all doing well! Are you in need of some girl time & some
creative therapy? Are you behind in scrapbooking or have never gotten started
but want to learn? Would you like to compete 24 pages in one night? See the
details below & then let me know if you can join us! Please feel free to
forward this to any of your friends/relatives that might want to come with you!
Pajamas,Muchies & Scrapbooking

Join us for a night full of creative
We will complete 24 scrapbook pages in ONE night
& have a whole lot of fun doing

Friday, November 14th from 6:00 p.m. to midnight
Teresa Graves House
19208 East Black Oak Road Fayetteville
* I live appx. 3 miles past the Elkins School

Projects: 24 Scrapbook Pages [1 holiday theme per month]
Cost: $50.00 due at time of registration
Email me or call 871-9146 to reserve your spot - then you can mail me a check
YOU NEED TO REGISTER BY 11/3 so I can get all the supplies ordered!!!

There will be door prizes & some yummy munchies to enjoy!!
Don't forget to wear your pj's!!

Again, PLEASE feel free to forward this to anyone you know that likes to
scrapbook or might be interested!!! If you bring someone that has signed up -
your name will go in for a drawing!!!

This is alot of fun & when you leave you will have scrapbook pages for one whole
year of Holidays - all you need to do is add the photos!!!

Teresa Graves
P.O. Box 584
Elkins, Ar 72727

Monday, October 27, 2008


Cooler weather always brings out the "crafter in me"...
I made 25 of these spooky spiders for Kapriel to share with her classmates., put them in a boot box which I placed a black trash bag on the bottom, than placed "spider web" down - than came the creepy crawly spiders... Hopefully her classmates will like them! They have a candy york mint in the center of them!

Let me know what you think?

Sniffles,Strep-Throat, Broken Bone In My Back...

This is a photo of Rhyver "after" she was cleaned up from her bike accident...

This is what "Strep Throat" looks like -- my poor baby had 103.2 temp. by the time we arrived at WRMC. I was so thankful that they got her back quickly. I get so nervous when the kids get sick. Wow-When it rains it pours... First we had Rhyver's bike accident,

last week Kapriel had an ear infection, I got home from the store Saturday and she was burning up so I rush her up to the e.r and find out she now has "strep throat", Riley was up all night throwing up & has a headache, Addison came home from school today with a headache and sick to her tummy! Please pray God will pour out his blessings of health on us.

I went to Dr. Knox office today and met with his nurse practioner - she was a very sweet lady... I left knowing that I have several things wrong w/ my back in addition to finding out I also have a broken bone in my back. I tried not to laugh when she told me - my first thought was yeah, I can't just have something simple - I have to get the whole kit and koodle as IF I have time for any of this... I was given a medical back brace, a "tens" unit that I wear 24/7 except of course when I am in the shower!!! 2 different types of pain medication which if I wasn't feeling bad before the 121.00 I handed out for it I sure would have been after! This is all part of their "pain management" program. I go back on 1/7 to see how I am doing and will discuss other options then. Please keep praying for me - I am at all cost trying to avoid surgery.

I am having a "PMS" [pajamas, munchies, Scrapbooking] party next month. We will do 24 pages of scrapbooking in 6 hours. IF you have never scrapped before or if you are at an advanced level this is something for everyone!!! I am planning it around a holiday of each month so when you leave you will have a complete year of scrapping and all you will need to add is your photos! IF you are interested in coming - please let me know. The cost is $50.00 which will cover all the materials for the kits, munchies etc. All you will need to bring that night will be your scissors and glue & wear your pajamas! We will also have drawings for doorprizes! IF you know of someone that would like to come - please share this with them. I went to one last week and had a blast! My email address is so please email me and sign up!!!

We are having revival at Living Hope Assembly this week on HY74 - it starts at 7p. If you get a chance to come - please do. Brother Bagley is awesome!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Working on her very own Scrapbook Album - I've completed 8 for her [yes, she is only 6 - I am obsessed with this child I know]
Kapriel & "GIGI" in Branson @ Ride The Ducks. She loved it!

Kapriel & "Uncle Chance" @ Cold Stone Ice-Cream in Branson.

Meet "America's Next Top Model"
As most of you know - one of the most precious blessings in my life is my grand-daughter
Kapriel McKenzie... She spends every weekend with us and believe me when I say I count the days until Friday. She is such a joy - this summer she wanted to "go on vacation to Branson" As you can tell from the photos she loved it. After picking her up from school the other day, in a very mature voice she told me she decided where we were going on vacation again next year -- You got it BACK TO BRANSON!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Here are some photos of the "Fall Decorating" I have done for this year!

HOSPITAL, ICU --Finally Home

Jeff, Rhyver & I would like to Thank everyone for the prayers and visits during her stay in the hospital! It was quite an event. It started out with her spending the night with one of her friends on Saturday - Sunday was one of those relazing days until the phone rang - it was her friends mom telling us that Rhyver had a "bike wreck" now like most mommies I am sure I am thinking skinned "knees and elbows" this was NOT THE CASE!!! She ended up in ICU for 24 hours with bleeding on the brain - and spent the next 3 days in a regular hospital room. She is scrapped from head to toe, fractured elbow and jammed thumb. She is on the mend - Praise the LORD! We go back to the neurosurgeon the end of this month for a check up and our regular doctor this week as well. Again, Thank you for the kindness,love & prayers you have offered.

I have almost caught up on my scrapbooking! Yeah me!!! We finished remodeling the room last weekend and I love it. It is a sage green on the walls w/ a black trim- the curtains are burgendy w/ a gold swirl. We have our old kitchen table in the center of the room [seats 6 so come on over], Everything has a place and I just totally love it. There are moments when I feel a little guilty for having this "room to myself" BUT I honestly think it makes me a better person to be able to go in there and just have "me" time!

I begged Jeff to take me to the War Eagle Craft Fair today but it isn't anything he is interested in so I am determined to go next year. Anyone want to go with me???

Jeff has lost 30 pounds and is looking slim and trim - I am stuck at 14 w/ over 19 inches. I just have to keep reminding myself of my goal. I bought an adorable shirt that I have hanging on a hook in my room to keep me focused!

I enjoy reading everyones blogs and hope you enjoy reading mine as well. Please leave me a comment so I know you've been here!

God Bless!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's WAYYYYY Short Baby!

I finally got the nerve - & it is S.h.o.r.t AND.... I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! I had my hair cut ├Ąt "Alter Ego"today and Dianne rocked it! Thanks Dianne!

I made it thru the MRI yesterday after 3 tries...The lady was very patient with me - do you think it could have been she was scared after my "freak out" last week when I tried to have it done!! :) My doctor wasn't suppose to get the results until Wednesday or Thursday BUT apparently its bad enough that she was contacted today and I go see a neurosurgeon [Dr. Armstrong] on Monday, October 27th. Please be in prayer that God will heal me and I won't have to have surgery.

Thanks to everyone that came to my rubber stamping workshop last week! I had alot of fun & appreciated you all coming. Neeless to say - I had so much fun and I am now addicated that I have decided to sign up to become demonstrator! If you would like to come to the monthly workshops that I will be having - please let me know OR if you would like to have a workshop at your house and receive FREE stamps I would be happy to do a workshop for you! I'll be having a Stamp Camp probably the first weekend in Saturday when we will do a few make 'n takes as well as make 10 Christmas cards. If you are interestd in coming to this - zip me an email [] or give me a call!

This cooler weather lets me know that fall is upon us 'n I am loving it!

I weighed in yesteday and lost a total of 12 pounds for the month of September..Woot!! Woot!!! Only 36 more to go!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Decorating for Fall

I've finished my "fall decorating" & really quite happy with the way it turned out. Normally I drag out all 7 plastic tubs of my Halloween Decorations and the whole yard, house and porch is decorated... I don't know if it is because I am getting ahum.. "older" or if my taste is changing but this year I went thru the tubs - boxed up the stuff I thought Kyla might want and the rest I chunked in the trash - I've decided less is more - and what I have out on the front porch and thru out the house with the exception of a few pieces can stay out thru the end of November and I LOVE the way it turned out. I'll post photos as soon as Ky comes over & shows me how!!

Today Kyla & I went to "Oops" - it was such a blessing to be able to spend time with her. I am so thankful that God has given me a daughter that is such a source of joy and pride! She got alot of really cute whimiscal stuff for Christmas decorations - I was "good"this time and only picked up a few items. Yeah me!!! I am trying to come up with a budget - okay - yes its the sticking to it part that I have the most problem with !!! haha

Tuesday night at church [FBC] we had a "Ladies Night Out" the food was delicious and after our meal we made a fall wreath. I really enjoyed visiting with other ladies at the church and seeing how talented they are! I can't wait until the next LNO! :)

Right now at "Simply Threads" we aren't taking any new consignors and with current consignors we aren't accepting any more clothing right now. Watch for more info. on this next month.

We had Direct T.V turned on Tuesday night - so I am getting my fair share of T.V time & of course it is tuned to HGTV! Anyone else addicated to this? During Christmas break I am planning to re-do our bedroom and bathroom. Right now our bedroom is painted in "Cowboy Boots Brown" & Jeff has always hated it so I think I am going to go with a creamy tan w/ black accents. I just love this time of year - I always wanted to drag out all of my crafting supplies and create sometime or make something old - new!!! :) I've promised to paint Kyla this huge shelf that I bought her in a zebra print -- right now it is so ugly --- when I brought it in the house - Jeff thought I was crazy - I explained my "plan"to him -- he still thinks I am nuts - but he'll see :)

Time for House Hunters so I better get in my comfy chair & start watching.