Saturday, October 18, 2008

HOSPITAL, ICU --Finally Home

Jeff, Rhyver & I would like to Thank everyone for the prayers and visits during her stay in the hospital! It was quite an event. It started out with her spending the night with one of her friends on Saturday - Sunday was one of those relazing days until the phone rang - it was her friends mom telling us that Rhyver had a "bike wreck" now like most mommies I am sure I am thinking skinned "knees and elbows" this was NOT THE CASE!!! She ended up in ICU for 24 hours with bleeding on the brain - and spent the next 3 days in a regular hospital room. She is scrapped from head to toe, fractured elbow and jammed thumb. She is on the mend - Praise the LORD! We go back to the neurosurgeon the end of this month for a check up and our regular doctor this week as well. Again, Thank you for the kindness,love & prayers you have offered.

I have almost caught up on my scrapbooking! Yeah me!!! We finished remodeling the room last weekend and I love it. It is a sage green on the walls w/ a black trim- the curtains are burgendy w/ a gold swirl. We have our old kitchen table in the center of the room [seats 6 so come on over], Everything has a place and I just totally love it. There are moments when I feel a little guilty for having this "room to myself" BUT I honestly think it makes me a better person to be able to go in there and just have "me" time!

I begged Jeff to take me to the War Eagle Craft Fair today but it isn't anything he is interested in so I am determined to go next year. Anyone want to go with me???

Jeff has lost 30 pounds and is looking slim and trim - I am stuck at 14 w/ over 19 inches. I just have to keep reminding myself of my goal. I bought an adorable shirt that I have hanging on a hook in my room to keep me focused!

I enjoy reading everyones blogs and hope you enjoy reading mine as well. Please leave me a comment so I know you've been here!

God Bless!

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Kyla said...

i love your new picture- looking quite chic :)