Friday, October 31, 2008


Because we are such a "large family" thru the years we have started being refered to as "The Gang" -- Although we have 8 kids total - these are the 6 that we still have left at home! They are: Chance Brentin 16 - [the youngest of our biological kids]
Riley Grace 14 [adopted 3 years ago]
Rhyver Faith 13 [adopted 3 years ago]
Addison Bailey12 [adopted 7 years ago]
Bren Parker 11 [adopted 7 years ago]
Ridge Jackson 11 [adopted 3 years ago]
This is their "First Day Of School" photo for the 2008-09 school year! I can't believe how fast they are growing up! We also have Tana Lynn 26 & Kyla Nicole 21!!! & of course our grand-daughter Kapriel McKenzie 6 years. YEP... I would adopt more, maybe someday! :) If that is where God leads us!
I'm so excited about the upcoming PMS Workshop! I've started planning the layouts & making the list of supplies! If you haven't responded yet - please do so - that way Iwill be sure to have enough kits for everyone [12 kits - 24 pages total] Won't it be great to have a whole year of holidays already scrapped - all they will need is your photos! So, YES.... EMAIL ME @ or call me at 871-9146 & tell me you are coming!!! I promise you will be glad you did!
We rarely have Trick or Treaters - I always buy a small bag of candy - just in case... That bowl full of all the goodies is such a temptation but I keep telling myself I want to be a size 12 more than I want the candy!!! Knowing my luck tho - I will gain just looking at it... :)
Well, Blogger friends - I'm off to plan more layouts - please leave me a comment so I will know you've been here & leave your blog address as well!
Happy Halloween

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