Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Working on her very own Scrapbook Album - I've completed 8 for her [yes, she is only 6 - I am obsessed with this child I know]
Kapriel & "GIGI" in Branson @ Ride The Ducks. She loved it!

Kapriel & "Uncle Chance" @ Cold Stone Ice-Cream in Branson.

Meet "America's Next Top Model"
As most of you know - one of the most precious blessings in my life is my grand-daughter
Kapriel McKenzie... She spends every weekend with us and believe me when I say I count the days until Friday. She is such a joy - this summer she wanted to "go on vacation to Branson" As you can tell from the photos she loved it. After picking her up from school the other day, in a very mature voice she told me she decided where we were going on vacation again next year -- You got it BACK TO BRANSON!!

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Kyla said...

You signed up? Yay- that would be hilarious if we signed up for the same thing and ended up being swap buddies :)