Monday, October 27, 2008

Sniffles,Strep-Throat, Broken Bone In My Back...

This is a photo of Rhyver "after" she was cleaned up from her bike accident...

This is what "Strep Throat" looks like -- my poor baby had 103.2 temp. by the time we arrived at WRMC. I was so thankful that they got her back quickly. I get so nervous when the kids get sick. Wow-When it rains it pours... First we had Rhyver's bike accident,

last week Kapriel had an ear infection, I got home from the store Saturday and she was burning up so I rush her up to the e.r and find out she now has "strep throat", Riley was up all night throwing up & has a headache, Addison came home from school today with a headache and sick to her tummy! Please pray God will pour out his blessings of health on us.

I went to Dr. Knox office today and met with his nurse practioner - she was a very sweet lady... I left knowing that I have several things wrong w/ my back in addition to finding out I also have a broken bone in my back. I tried not to laugh when she told me - my first thought was yeah, I can't just have something simple - I have to get the whole kit and koodle as IF I have time for any of this... I was given a medical back brace, a "tens" unit that I wear 24/7 except of course when I am in the shower!!! 2 different types of pain medication which if I wasn't feeling bad before the 121.00 I handed out for it I sure would have been after! This is all part of their "pain management" program. I go back on 1/7 to see how I am doing and will discuss other options then. Please keep praying for me - I am at all cost trying to avoid surgery.

I am having a "PMS" [pajamas, munchies, Scrapbooking] party next month. We will do 24 pages of scrapbooking in 6 hours. IF you have never scrapped before or if you are at an advanced level this is something for everyone!!! I am planning it around a holiday of each month so when you leave you will have a complete year of scrapping and all you will need to add is your photos! IF you are interested in coming - please let me know. The cost is $50.00 which will cover all the materials for the kits, munchies etc. All you will need to bring that night will be your scissors and glue & wear your pajamas! We will also have drawings for doorprizes! IF you know of someone that would like to come - please share this with them. I went to one last week and had a blast! My email address is so please email me and sign up!!!

We are having revival at Living Hope Assembly this week on HY74 - it starts at 7p. If you get a chance to come - please do. Brother Bagley is awesome!

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The Hickman's said...

Hey Teressa! I didn't know that you had a blog! I'm so glad- now we can stay in touch better. =) I am so sorry to hear about all of your families sicknesses! I'm glad that things are getting better, though. I will continue to pray for all of your safety and health. Is your granddaughter Tana's little girl? She is just beautiful! I look forward to watching your blog! =)

P.S. Your spiders are precious!