Monday, September 29, 2008

Going Down... SLOWLY

At weigh in on Friday - I had lost 11 pounds and 19 inches. I'm excited but of course wish it would go down alot faster! Please keep me your prayers that I can stay strong and committed! My birthday is on Friday [10/4] & the holidays are coming up so I know I have a huge challenge before me.

We have 106 new headband bows in the store - for those of you that aren't sure what they are - they have the headband w/ a huge flower attached! Also, have them with smaller headbands and flowers. I think we beat almost anyone's prices - at $5.00 each. Come and check them out!

This cooler weather is making it hard for me-I want to be able to stay at home and work on our family scrapbooks and do arts & crafts. I've started doing personalized totes and will post some of them here soon! I just finished one order for a 6 year old playmate of my grand-daughter's with her name Sarah in zebra print material & a fusha pink bow. She loved it!

The fam has all been busy- the kids are enjoying the evenings riding on their bikes, playing freze tag & just hanging out. I miss those youthful days... We closed our pool last weekend...the diving board & slide look so lonely hanging out above the tarp. Just 7 more months & we'll be spashing around in it again!

Guess, I better get back to scrapping - I'll try to post some photos soon!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


We had a busy day at our family clothing resale/consignment store "Simply Threads" today - we had alot of "new"customers in and it was awesome to get to meet them! I really appreciate everyone that comes into the store and has been supportive of it! If you haven't been in lately, please stop by and check us out. We carry all the name brand clothing "American Eagle", "Tommy H", "Gap", "Old Navy""Hollister", "Aber. & Fitch" just to name a few. We get alot of comments on how reasonable our prices are. We carry clothing from newborn to adult plus in addition to maternity! Hope you'll stop by soon! Tell us you read about it on the blog and we'll give you "10%"off your purchase.

I also wanted to give a shout to - 2 very special people this week...

1. My husband - without him I couldn't do all that I do...He has supper on the table every night when I get home & just makes me feel like a princess every day. Thanks JAG - You are such a blessing.

2. My daughter, Kyla who has stepped up to the plate everyday this week and helped me even tho I knew she would rather be doing something else. You rock my world!

I am having a "Angel Rubber Stamping "workshop on Saturday, October 4th @ 7p at my house if anyone would like to come! The instructor is Tonya Williams - I've seen some of her work and it is awesome!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back Pain At It's Worst

Okay, All my life I have never thought twice about moving a piece of furniture, scooting something over, lifting something but here I am at the wonderful óle age of 40 something and have a "bulging disc"in my lower back that has knocked me for a loop. I noticed some pain back in July & told myself it would get better. I went to the chiro. several times and it did improve but school started and who has time to go 3 times a week -- NOT ME--- so once again I decided to endure the pain. Well, Tuesday morning when I got up the pain was so severe that as I hobbled into the bathroom I felt a "shift"lost feeling in my left leg and fell. I knew then I was in serious trouble. I called my doctors office and got in at 11. When they took me back for x-rays and the tech. told me to lay down on the "bed"I was thinking this man was crazier than I am... there was NO way I could lay down because not only is it next to impossible the getting up is a miracle. He assured me I could do it ... My doctor told me I have a bulging disc - gave me a shot in the back, sent me home with a muscle relaxer and hydcodine. Needless to say I slept thru most of the next 48 hours.... I feel some better today but certain moves or turns reminds me all is not well. Those of you that know me know that I am not a very patience person -- whooo this is a lesson in learning for me. Please pray that God will send his healing mercies soon...

The kids are doing great in school - It's hard to believe that Chance is a junior. We have kids in the 5,6,7,8,9 & 11 grade. We are told that we need to adopt again to fill up the 10 spot. I never thought I would say it but I don't feel the desire to adopt anymore. God has blessed us with 8 & as I grow older I am ready for some me time and time alone with my precious husband.

Is anyone out there interested in meeting at my house once a month to Scrapbook? or join a scrappin'club... I signed up to be a Creative Memories consultant & would love to have you come to the house to scrap once a month or do a workshop yourself. There is no charge to join the crop - just a time to devote to all those photos that are piling up!!! Call me at 871-9146 if you are interested!

Mom is feeling some better this week... PTL - She goes back to have a pet scan done next month. Please pray for her & that the results come back as a Praise to how wonderful of Lord is.

The diet is still going strong...Jeff has lost around 18 pounds - I hate the food we have to eat but I haven't cheated just choke it down but I've only lost 9. If there ever was a diet for cheeseburgers or pizza - I think I could master that one... haha :)

Until next time... May your day be full of God's blessings