Friday, November 21, 2008

24 Pages Completed @ PMS WORKSHOP

It's been a week since 4 "die-hard" scrapbookers came to the PMS Workshop! They scrapped their hearts out from 6p until midnight! They completed 24 pages and now have 1 whole year of holidays [1 holiday per month] ready for next years photos! They were all amazing. Thanks ladies for coming! I enjoyed it :)

Kyla & Ashley discovered they share the SAME birthday! Which is coming up on the 28th of this month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARLY GIRLS!


Elizabeth said...

Hey Teresa!! I bet you guys had so much fun at the PMS party. I wish we could have made it!! I am finally a blogger! I hope you enjoy my blog!! I hope to become a blogger like all the big timers!! HAHA!!

Kyla said...

hi-- i had lots and lots of fun :)

and your bed was very comfy!!!

<3, see you thursday (i guess i'll go ahead and open my presents then- so have it wrapped :) )

The Pelfrey Family said...

I had lots of fun!! I cant wait to do it again!!