Saturday, January 3, 2009


Jeff sent Chance out this morning to "burn the trash" - about 30 minutes later I went to the postoffice to pick up our Netflick movies... when I got back everyone was running out to the back yard yelling "FIRE...FIRE"... Chance didn't get all the ashes smothered out & well you know what happens when that occurs...
Thankfully we were able to contain it to one area without calling the Fire Department or burning everything in sight down... Let me tell you we were on our knees praising God after we realized things were going to be okay!

Jeff & Chance pouring water from trash barrels onto the fire!

Trying to keep it contained to just one area. Once it was all said & done - we were all exhausted, smelled like smoke and ready for the shower! Thank you Father - for keeping our home safe, our family safe and for always knowing what we need! We give you the praise, the honor and the glory.


Kayla said...

How scary! God sure was watching out for y'all!!!

Your header is super cute!!

Have a great night!

Kyla said...

That Chance... I don't know what we are going to do with him.

Sheesh :)

Terri W. said...

I am glad that every thing turned our ok.
Really like your header!!!