Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meet My Grandson[s]

I know that someday Kyla will bless me with some awesome grandchildren but for now these 2 are her babies ... a.k.a as "my grandsons" . They are good boys and fun when they come to visit! Although I will admit I don't care much for their kisses for now these "grandsons" will have to do!


Kyla said...

Oh, they give the BEST kisses :)

And I saw a shirt online that said something about being the favorite grandson. Chuy asked for it... but I've been forbidden to buy any more clothes for him!!

Don't worry- I'll just wait until Eric's gone to check the mail and then sneak it in. You've taught me well!!! haha

Terri W. said...

You are not alone in your love of your "doggie" Grandsons. Ours is named Jack

Kayla said...

Aww, those are cute grandsons for now! One day you'll have human ones :) And when that time comes, I will play and play and play!!!

By: Juliana Pena said...

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