Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rollin' in the New Years at the In-Laws

Jeff's parents called us yesterday morning and invited us to come spend New Years Eve with them. They bought all the stuff for Jeff to make homemade pizzas - which he did --- 10 of them!!! I'm so aggrivated at myself for not taking photos of them as they came out of the oven but the delicious armoa made me forget all about taking photos! There was 17 of us there total and we stuffed ourselves silly and watch t.v as we rolled in the New Year! Happy 2009 everyone - may it be full of many blessings!!!


Kyla said...

thanks for picking my sexiest picture... sheesh :)

you were so silly last night- i think it was the combination of sprite and chocolate!!!

Kayla said...

Hi! I'm Kyla's friend from Red Lobster.

Obviously he had MUCH better luck with the homemade pizza than I did. I tried to make mine from scratch. The first batch was an absolute disaster and my boyfriend ended up having Subway at almost 10!! The next time I tried, the first one didn't turn out but the second one did...until I nearly burnt it because I was cleaning up all the mess!! Ugh!

I got a cookbook for new best friend!