Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I miss them -

As I am sure many others are doing on this last day of 2008 - I woke up this morning thinking about all the things that have happened this year - as well as reflecting on the changes that have taken place the past 15 years & thru them all God has been in the mist.

  • 3 of my grandparents have gone on to be with the Lord - Grandpa Hughes in 1994, Grandma Mag in 2000 & Grandma Emma in 2008. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't miss them. They were such a vital part of my life. Grandma/pa Hughes were married for over 50 years & I don't ever recall them speaking a harsh word to each other. The love they had for their children and grand-children was such a blessing.
  • Chance having enchaplitas in December 2001. Every year on 12/5, when I look at him I am humbled and on my knees not only recalling seeing "my baby" of 9 years on the ground in convulsions, on the ride to the hospital in a siren screaming ambulance w/ his heart stopping twice, in WRMC when the doctors telling us they don't think he will make it & angel flight from Ar Children's Hospital was on the way to get him, the flight crew arriving, them taking me in to see him before he left, being given the clothes that were cut off of him - being pushed out the door because even with all the tubes everywhere on him & the medicine that was enough for 3 grown men still wouldn't stop the seizures they had to use the paddles again, on the angel flight his heart stopping, FINALLY arriving in Little Rock, being taken into his room and seeing him on life support... Staying at ACH for a week while he fought to live...the love, support and prayers of our family, friends and community and the grace of God in hearing our pleas and allowing Chance to live.
  • Momma being diagnoised with "Small Cell Lung Cancer" on 7/18/05 being given months to live - my telling the doctors - "No one knows that but God" her living in Houston, Texas for 6 months under going extensive chemo. and radiation at MD Anderson. 12/31/08 God continues to answer our prayers and allowing momma to be here with us. She is such a source of inspiration to all those around her in her determation and in her Faith.
  • Tana & Kyla both graduating and moving out on their own. We miss them not being a part of our day-to-day life but are proud of them. We pray that God protect them and they have a burning desire to know him and lead their lives for him.
  • Kapriel being born on 4/12/02 & oh my the blessings we have been given from this little brown eyed beauty. Thank you God for your goodness!
  • Adopting 2 separate sibling groups set of 2 in 2001 and set of 3 in 2006. With them we have been blessed with many blessings as well as many challenges. They are proof of just how much a child needs love, nuturing and the basics of life and what can happen when these needs aren't met. We pray daily for them.
  • Jeff & I are coming up on 23 years of marriage - it's hard to believe that my high school sweetheart is STILL the man of my dreams. God has given me such a blessing and I praise him for this amazing life he has given me.

WOW-See reflecting & changes just all part of life...I am excited about 2009 & look forward to all that the new year will have to offer. May God bless you and yours & may the upcoming year be exactly what you hope it will be!

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Kyla said...

Wow :)

You're going to have a great year, I can already tell!

And my friend Kayla told me her boyfriend's mom's pastor (whoa, haha) is starting a blog that will help you read a little of the bible every day so that by the end of the year, you'll have read it all. i'll get it from her and you can check it out!