Monday, December 29, 2008

A girl & her pap-paw

My husband is a military man of 16 years - worked in heavy duty construction for several years and has been Transportation Supervisor for 12 years and can be as "tough as they come" but when it comes to his grand-daughter he turns to mush!!! She had him wrapped around her pinky the minute she was placed into his arms. Jeff was even the one that came up with the name "Kapriel" [pronounced cap-re-l] & her middle name is McKenzie. She follows him around and anytime he is in the kitchen cooking she is there right along beside him - "helping" I know his gentle love and patience will help her grow into a Godly woman someday. She so adores her pap-paw and what a blessing that is.


Kyla said...

awww... so cute :)

Kyla said...

i emailed you the websites for the blog backgrounds...
but i'll write them here again:



call me if you need help :)

The Graves Gang said...

I already tried to do it but couldn't get it to work --- did you get my email with the ones I want so you can do it my smart child!