Monday, December 8, 2008

"Baby Brother" No More

Looking back thru the Thanksgiving photos I got quite a chuckle from this photo - these are my 3 oldest children - Tana Lynn [26], Kyla Nicole [22] & Chance Brentin [16]. I remember the day we brought "baby brother" home from the hospital the girls were soooo excited. They thought he was the grandest thing on Earth and if he even so much as started to cry one of them rushed to pick him up. Needless to say he quickly became very spoilt. I think they have started to realize that "baby brother" isn't really such a baby anymore - in this photo they are both having to stand on their tip-toes to give him a kiss! He loves his sisters & enjoys to this day all the attention that he gets from them. I'm so lucky to have these 3 awesome kids - Thank you God for the blessings!

1 comment:

Kyla said...

I wish that we were all little babies still <3

chance is kinda handsome, for a brother.