Friday, December 12, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!!!!

Introducing HARPER GRACE!!! She is bichon & my Christmas present from Jeff!!! She is such a soft cotton ball! We went shopping for her today - I mean a girl has to have all of the latest fashion right? She got 4 new dresses, 3 hair bows, a new pink/white collar and of course pink polish for those paws!!!! I bought her glass Sundae dishes for her food and water bowl which I am going to decorate with jews, tulle and ribbon!!! I mean a girl can't have to much BLING right!! She has been in my lap ever since we brought her home - I am in love!!! Merry-Merry Christmas to me!!!

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Kyla said...


chuy and sam are begging me to come over to your house!

maybe sunday after work?!!!