Friday, December 12, 2008

My Daughter's - Daughter

Even tho I have been a "G.G" [Groovy Grandma] for 6 years - it is still sometimes hard to believe! I mean it seems like only yesterday that Tana was 6 years old! Kapriel has so
many of Tana's facial expressions & personality that I am constantly telling her " You act just like your momma" - We are so blessed that Tana lets her spend each weekend with us! I understand that saying now "If I knew grandchildren were so much fun - I would have had them first" haha... Kapriel loves to do arts/crafts with me, work in the flower garden! She is so precious and Jeff and I definately enjoy spoiling her to the max when we have her with us! I honestly think that "Pap-Paw" is worse than I am! In this photo you can see how much they look alike - she even has all those freckles on her little face that Tana does! Thank you heavenly Father for allowing me the gift of being a mother and the blessings of being a "G.G"

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