Saturday, February 7, 2009

23 years...

On February 6, 1986 I became Mrs. Jeff Graves.... Jeff was in the Army stationed in Germany - he arrived back in the states on Feb. 5th,1986 & we were married the next day at Baptist Ford Church in Greenland, Ar... we left on 2/7 headed to Augusta, Georgia where he was staioned at Ft. Gordon. We lived there for 3 years until he got out of the Army. I totally love looking at this photo - I thought I couldn't love him anymore but I look at it now and realize just how young we really were... [23 & 25] if someone would have told me I was wrong that I would love him more - in fact everyday and that we would be the parents of 8 kids [5 adopted] I think we both would have cracked up laughing! I had so much fun planning our wedding & reception - he could only call me on Saturday mornings so I tried to cram all I could in those phone conversations....I wrote him daily. The letters we have saved from the 9 months he was in Germany are boxeand put away.... Priceless and precious are these

Flash forward 23 years later - Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Graves.... older, a little chunkier and still just as in LOVE... the parents of 8, pap-paw & Gigi to a 6 year old... We are so blessed. When I woke up this morning I told Jeff I really didn't "feel that old"

This is what was waiting for us when we checked into our room -- the chocolate chip cookies were on our bed!!! YUM-YUM!!!

Jeff waiting on me to get ready before he takes me to dinner!!

This bed was super comfortable -- Jeff has promised to build me a headboard like this! The room was TOTALLY GORGEOUS!!! The amr. is another favorite in the room!

This is the breakfast we had delivered to our room this morning ---ohmygosh ... the chocolate cros. were to die for!!!

I got Jeff 3 gifts...a pair of tennis shoes he had been wanting, the E.S.V Bible & I made him this little can - on the top of it - it says "23 Things I Love" .... - in the inside I listed 23 reasons I love him sooooo very much!! I think it was his favorite. He bought me a GORGEOUS ring w/ 6 heart shaped diamonds in it --- It is being sized and when I get it back - you can bet I will post a photo of it.
This wraps up our 23 year anniversary - it was such a precious day we spent -- we took the day off from work, went Flea Marketing all day, ate at Denny's, Mamma Z's, Lone Star.... The memories will be priceless..... I am now working on planning our 25th.... it will be a blow out as we are planning on re-newing our vows.... than off to Cancun!!! :)


Kyla said...

OMG- You'll be hottest hotties in Cancun!!!!

If I get engaged this year and married next winter- I'll be the same age as dad was :)

P.S. You need to put pictures of your good looking server up!

The Hickman's said...

Happy Anniversary!! I'm so glad you all had a great time. =)

The Lewis's said...

Happy Anniversary!