Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine KING

King Carl Hutchins

First off let me begin by saying that my grandfather is a 86 year old patient at a local nursing home. He was married to my sweet-sweet grandmother for 55 years until she went to be with the Lord on 6/20/00 - my daddy is an only child - he married my precious momma almost 48 years ago and they had my brother & myself... Being the ONLY grand-daughter I was very-very close to my grandmother - I say with pride that she spoiled me rotten! Every single time I go to see my grandfather - I am a rememberance of Grandma & he cries.... he had a stroke almost 5 years ago and is not able to talk & does not have the use of his right arm or leg. My grandpa is the only grandparent that I have left on this earth - he is very special to me. I feel guilty that with my busy life I don't spend as much time with him as I should - this week I vowed to change that. When I arrive he cries, while I am there he cries & when I leave he cries... the whole time saying "day - oh - day" which he means "Stay All Day" It breaks my heart - but grandpa I am going to start "Day Oh Day" with you several times a month in addition to other little mini visits.

The nursing home called yesterday and said that grandpa was chosen "Mr. Valentine King" -- he won this by receiving the most votes from the nursing staff and patients. When they called his name - he just grinned - & of course started to cry. It was just to adorable. Before his stroke he was very much a "Manly Man" & as tough and grough as they come -- He was very honored by this award today - and I am so proud of my "Grandpa the King"


Kayla said...

OMG how stinkin cute!

Thanks for bringing those goodies up for Kyla today..I may have helped her with them:)

I came back up to say bye to you, but you were already gone..

You're SO cute!!

Kyla said...

OMG I looooove it, how sweet!!

And thanks so much for my valentine gifts.. i seriously love them all. even eric was thinking how cool my cookie jar is!! and all my friends at red lobster said you were so cute :) ha, you must get it from me!!!

Tammy Lou said...

Sweet picture,Happy V Day.

The Lewis's said...

How sweet!!! Happy Valentine's Day.