Saturday, February 21, 2009


Chance took his drivers permit test almost 2 weeks ago and failed by a 72% - Jeff & I both told him that he needed to spend more time studying but I guess there is just something about being a teenage boy & cool.... that he just couldn't quite get it into his routine.... well after he "failed" he was heart broken - how I wanted to take that hurt from him but a life lesson learnt & I did notice that this time around the drivers book was almost like his new best friend!!! We went again this past Tuesday and HE PASSED WITH AN 84%.... WHOOT...WHOOT... We went to Granny's Kitchen in Huntsville to celebrate. I am happy for him but the momma part of my heart is sad.... my baby is growing up and with that comes less of a need for me. On a lighter note -Anyone that wants advance warning when he is going to be driving on the road -- let me know.. hehe


Terri W. said...

Good for you Chance!!!

Kayla said...

YAY for Chance!!!!!

Kyla said...

He's already been texting me about taking girls on dates. OMG. You better keep an eye on that one!