Thursday, February 26, 2009

My baby is ready!!!

Introducing my Valentine Present from my dear husband
Mr. Talen Drake
born on January 11, 2009 to Doodle Bug & Billy Jack
I just love his little face & how he follows me around. His little nose twitches like a bunny rabbits. He is just oh so adorable!!!


Kyla said...

oooohhh my gooosh, i'm dying :)
i love talen.. i'm trying to show chuy and sam his picture, but they just keep running around. we will be out there for sure tomorrow- can't wait!!!!

p.s. cook something delicious!

Kayla said...

PLLLEEEEASSSSEEE tell me I will be seeing this cutie on Thursday!!! P.S. would you like me to bring any snacks or anything!? Thats FOR SURE going to be my free day :)

Ruggy13 said...

oh my god I LOVE your dog!

Karen said...

Aaaaaahhh - he's so sweet. I love his little face!

The Lewis's said...

oooh he is so cute!!!!!. he looks a lot like Boomer did when he was a pup. You are going to love having a Boston in the house!!!

Tammy Lou said...

Hi I have tagged you with a award!!!Have Fun